Female terrorist attempts to stab a soldier
Female terrorist attempts to stab a soldierRescue without Borders

A female terrorist on Wednesday morning attempted to stab an IDF soldier near the Ha'okfim Junction near Hebron.

The terrorist was eliminated by the forces.

Later, the terrorist was identified as nursing student Mimouna Kharahsha, age 20, from the village of Bani Na'im near Hebron.

ניסתה לדקור לוחם סמוך לחברון וחוסלההצלה ללא גבולות

The IDF confirmed the attack, stating, "A short while ago, an attempted stabbing attack was thwarted against IDF soldiers at an IDF post in the area of the Okfim Junction."

"The terrorist was armed with a knife and ran toward the soldiers, who responded with fire and eliminated the terrorist. No injuries were reported."

Earlier this week, a female terrorist was neutralized at the Hamra Junction, after attempting to stab IDF soldiers at the scene.