UN Secretary General António Guterres
UN Secretary General António GuterresHadas Parush/Flash90

Following the October 7th massacre on southern Israel, the government of Israel submitted a severe report to the UN, that included testimonies and evidence that Hamas committed sexual crimes on women and girls.

Among its findings, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs report concludes that: "The Hamas attack included brutal acts of violent rape, often involving threats with weapons, specifically directed towards injured women. Many rape incidents occurred collectively, with collaboration among the perpetrating terrorists. In some cases, rape was conducted in front of an audience, such as partners, family, or friends, to increase the pain and humiliation for all present. Some Hamas members pursued victims who escaped the massacre, dragging them by their hair with screams. The majority of victims were subsequently killed during or after the sexual assault."

Despite this UN Secretary General, António Guterres, has decided not to include Hamas in the UN’s blacklist of organizations suspected of committing acts of sexual violence during conflict.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem said in response that Israel expresses its intense disgust at the publication of UN Secretary-General Guterres's report on sexual violence during conflict. The Ministry also said that "the Secretary-General's report is another failure in the series of disasters committed by the various UN institutions, which have so far failed to condemn Hamas even once and to make matters worse, are refusing to publicly declare that Hamas, which slaughtered, raped, sexually assaulted and kidnapped women, the elderly and children on October 7th and after that day, is indeed a terrorist organization. This report is sad and tragic proof of the dysfunction of the UN and its leader since October 7th, and it is an added impetus for terrorism and violence."

The Minister for Social Equality and the Advancement of the Status of Women, May Golan, said that, "The UN and Secretary General António Guterres always manage to break a new record of hypocrisy, antisemitism and the continuous cover-up of sexual crimes! Countless testimonies of difficult and shocking cases of rape and massacre of Israeli women that were committed on October 7th, were not enough for the Secretary General to include the Hamas Nazis in the blacklist of those suspected of committing sexual violence during a conflict."

"Hamas raped and slaughtered women only because they are Jewish and Israeli – the UN ignores and is silent only because they are Jewish and Israeli! The normalization of those sick acts and the echoing of the Hamas narrative are a black mark on Guterres as well as on the entire organization. It has long since ceased to be a 'useless organization.' It is time to call the UN by its name: it is an antisemitic, extremist, and dangerous institution that sees Israel as an enemy state and the sick Hamas Nazis as natural partners.”

"When speaking at the General Assembly of the United Nations on International Women's Day, I emphasized: the United Nations, its current conduct, legitimizes the rape, slaughter, and sexual abuse of Jewish and Israeli women. This has been proven by the statements of UNRWA officials who boasted about the kidnapping and murder of our sisters and even called them 'mares'! The UN, under his royal highness the Secretary – has become a partner of the Hamas Nazis; even Hitler would have been happy to receive such support in his time."