Some of today's leading artists in Jewish music: singers, cantors, and musicians, together with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra have come together to create this project, to raise spirits during these dark days.

Just before Passover, we lift our eyes and voices to pray for redemption from darkness, from oppression to freedom.

This project is dedicated to the families of the hostages and all the bereaved families of this war. The opening song, sung by Daniel Weiss, whose beloved parents, Shmulik and Yehudit, were cruelly murdered in Kibbutz Beeri, is dedicated to their memory. May their memory be a blessing.

This project is dedicated as well to the courageous soldiers of the Israeli army and security forces who are risking their lives daily for the Jewish people. This is represented by the violinist, Mordechai Sheinvald, whom we accompanied as he left Tel Hashomer Hospital rehabilitation after having been wounded in Gaza.

All the musicians have volunteered their time and expertise in this endeavor to strengthen the spirit of the Jewish people all over the world.