The scene of the attack in Jerusalem
The scene of the attack in Jerusalemצילום: משטרת ישראל

A Passover Eve miracle. Two terrorists intended to commit a massacre in Jerusalem's Romema neighborhood but failed due to a weapon malfunction and were caught hiding in a nearby furniture store.

Superintendent Y., who caught the terrorists, recounted the events to Police Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai: "We received a briefing on the incident at the scene and we understood that the terrorists fled. We were given a description and we went out to search. We entered nearby buildings, we combed them, and we didn't find anything. While leaving one of the buildings a civilian approached us and said that beforehand his wife saw two youths who met the description entering one of the buildings.

"He pointed at a several-story building which also consists of businesses and a yeshiva," he continued. "The force split up into two groups. We began to search the building from two directions. One of the detectives noticed the door of one of the businesses, a furniture store which was open, he entered with the forces and identified the two terrorists hiding at the end of the store. One of them saw the detectives and threw a knife at them. The two were apprehended and taken for questioning at the Jerusalem District offices."

תיעוד הפיגועמצלמת אבטחה

The civilian who reported the terrorists' location to the officers recounted that "my wife saw two people with their hands on their head, one was wearing a white shirt, looking behind them and entering the building. She went downstairs and immediately told those who she saw at the scene. I told the officers that the building has two entrances, they received a report and immediately began to run, and that was the end."

המרדף הדרמטי אחר המחבליםערוץ 7

The terrorists, 17-year-olds from Hebron, drove a white Kia and arrived in the Romema neighborhood via the "Tunnels Road" where they were filmed by security cameras. They sped toward worshipers who were standing in the street, hit them, and then collided with another vehicle. After that, one of them exited the vehicle with an improvised weapon but did not manage to fire at the victims even with the help of his friend, apparently due to the gun jamming. The wounded victims were taken in light condition to Shaare Zedek Medical Center.