the arrest of the terrorists
the arrest of the terroristsצילום: Chaim Goldberg/Flash90

The two terrorists who carried out the ramming attack in Jerusalem this morning (Monday) were identified as Mu'taz Ghulama and Hatem Qawasmeh, residents of the Palestinian Authority-controlled part of Hebron.

The terrorists arrived in a vehicle with a yellow Israeli license plate. The security establishment is investigating how the two entered Israeli territory.

Military correspondent Doron Kadosh noted that one of the terrorists is a member of the Qawasmeh clan, which is known for its strong ties to the Hamas terrorist organization.

Kadosh mentioned that "just a few months ago, last November, two members of the Qawasmeh clan tried to carry out a serious terrorist attack in Jerusalem, when they tried to enter Jerusalem while they were well armed, with a car with a fake Israeli license plate on it, but they were stopped by the security forces at the tunnel checkpoint and there they committed the attack."

Three people were injured in two different locations in Monday morning's attack.

Security camera footage showed two terrorists speeding towards a group of people, ramming them, and then exiting their vehicle with weapons.

The terrorists fled without opening fire, apparently because their weapons malfunctioned. A Carlo-type submachine gun was found along the escape route the terrorists took.

Shaare Zedek Medical Center reported that three victims of the attack arrived with light injuries. The hospital's trauma unit reported that it received a 20-year-old man, along with two teen boys, ages 18 and 15.

Accoring to Shaare Zedek, all three are expected to be released later on Monday morning.

Two of the victims, Menachem Mendel Fish and Yosef Yitzchak Hirschenbaum, said, "Thank G-d, we are healthy and whole, and we experienced a Passover miracle. We ask for unity in the nation of Israel and we wish a kosher, happy, and safe Passover to the entire People of Israel."

Security forces believe that the terrorists attempted to fire their weapons, but their firearms malfunctioned, and therefore were not used in the attack. Large numbers of police and Border Police forces searched the area for the suspects, and after approximately two hours succeeded in arresting them.