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In what seems as much another demonstration of Jewish weakness as it is of worry for students' welfare, the OU has issued the following announcement: “Rabbi Eli Buechler, the director of the OU-JLIC at Columbia/Barnard, has urged students to leave campus and go home due to growing threats of anti-Jewish violence by pro-Hamas provocateurs on the university’s campus.”

Leave campus and go home due to threats? While it sounds to be the safe and responsible approach, it will only accomplish one thing: Life for Jewish students will become even more dangerous on college campuses! Giving in to bullies and anti-Semites guarantee – 100% - that the threats and violence will increase.

The only thing to do is to stand up to these Jew haters and put the fear of the Jew in them. One second… “fear of the Jew” – when was that ever a thing?? Simple – last month we celebrated Purim but while making noise for “Haman” you might have missed the most important part of the Megillah – it’s the last passuk in chapter 8 and the 2nd passuk in chapter 9: Before we fought our enemies it says; “For the fear of the Jews had fallen upon them” (8:17). Then, as the battles began, the Megillah says; “And no man could stand before them, for fear of them (the Jews) had fallen upon all the nations” (9:2)

Two weeks after Purim came the month of Nissan – the month of Emunah. The great 19th century Chassidic Rebbe, Yisrael of Ruzhin, coined the term; “Mi’sheh’nichnas Nissan, Marbin b’Emunah” (When the month of Nissan begins, we increase our Emunah). This means trusting in HaShem and not fearing the enemy. Someone with Emunah stands up to the hater, confronts him (or her) and does not back down. They certainly don’t leave and go home out of fear…

And finally, here comes Pesach, the holiday when we defeated the super-power of the world… the strongest and mightiest nation. Yes, it is true that HaShem Himself fought that war – we didn’t shoot a bullet or throw a punch – but it was because the Jews put their faith in the One Above that this came about. Every family tied a lamb to the bedpost for 4 days – the god of the Egyptians! Then they roasted it whole – outside their homes in front of their Egyptian neighbors – with no fear of retribution. The Jews stood erect, fearless, with spines of steel… and the Egyptians did nothing because they saw strength, confidence and conviction.

Here's my one question to all Jewish leaders. Do you truly believe these stories and internalize these messages or just practice Jewish ritual? Is Purim, the month of Nissan and Pesach just a bunch of old tales we tell our children or are they deep messages for how a Jew must live his/her life in 2024?

I assure you that very few people will say the following – but I will not remain quiet: Shame for leading us in weakness and not strength. Their actions have guaranteed that violence against Jews will continue. We must stand up to these thugs with Jewish pride, Jewish honor and YES! – the Jewish fist, as well.

Last year (March 2023) I wrote an article opposing Rabbi Moshe Hauer, Executive VP of the OU, after he issued a statement condemning Jewish men who destroyed property in the Arab town of Hawara. Two Jewish brothers from Har Bracha had been murdered, execution style, while driving through this town, yet he was bothered by the Jewish response. Rabbi Hauer asked; “How could such a thing happen”… Well, now it’s my turn to ask that same question. How could such a thing happen? How can a Jewish organization tell its followers to run away like a bunch of slaves? Where are the Shimon and Levis? Where are Pinchas and Yehoshua? Where are the descendants of King David? Where is Moshe – who stood up to the Egyptians and led us with faith and honor?

Dearest friends; In every generation they rise up against us, and this will continue if we run away. I urge you; learn how to fight and crush the Jewish enemy NOW before its too late. Never Again!

Am Yisrael Chai!

Shmuel Sackett is the Founder and Director of the Am Yisrael Chai Fund, which supports agricultural, educational and building projects across Eretz