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The Jewish state of Israel is the cornerstone of world peace and security. Yet despite the fact that Israel, a strong and vibrant beacon of freedom and democracy, was brutally attacked by Hamas on October 7, the Biden Administration is pressuring Israel to keep that Islamic terrorist organization afloat.

As Prime Minster Netanyahu and his government proclaim that Israel will in fact enter Rafah and destroy Hamas' last four fighting battalions, the United States is currently pressuring Israel to abstain from launching a full-scale operation to finish off Hamas. Instead, the U.S. has offered an alternative proposal, which includes smaller scale targeted military strikes, with their obsessive focus being on providing Gazans with humanitarian aid – as opposed to a decisive Israeli victory.

At the same time the Biden Administration continues to fixate over the creation of a state called "Palestine" the day after the war. A "two-state solution" would serve as a reward for Hamas for their acts of murder, rape, torture, and the kidnapping of Israeli civilians.

The U.S. doesn't understand that a "demilitarized" Palestinian West Bank / Gaza State will turn Israel from a U.S. strategic asset and bulwark against Middle East terror, that is able to defend itself, into a defenseless U.S. liability, inviting attack - unable even to defend itself, let alone project American military power.

There is very little doubt that just as Hamas took over Gaza following Israel's grave mistake of unilaterally withdrawing its civilians and soldiers in 2005 (the expulsion), Hamas would sooner rather than later, take up positions throughout the highlands of Judea and Samaria, within mortar range of Israel's heavily populated coastal plain, where 75% of Israel's citizens reside, as well as Ben Gurion International Airport.

On Iranian orders, Hamas will also fire barrages of rockets into Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, provoking an Israeli attempt to mobilize to reinvade Judea and Samaria, which will trigger massive Arab/Iranian long-range missile strikes.

In addition to the existential threat posed by a Hamas takeover of Judea and Samaria, along with threats to the Golan Heights, without the possession of those strategic defensive mountain ridges, and with Israel's ability to mobilize degraded, Israel could easily be destroyed and occupied by Syria and Egypt.

What the Biden Administration fails to recognize is that Israel is NATO’s South-Eastern Flank defending Cyprus, Rhodes, Crete, and even Greece, against a Turkish resurrection of its Ottoman Empire. Turkey is trying to steal billions of dollars of Greek Cypriot and Israeli Eastern Mediterranean gas resources to fund billions of further Islamic Mediterranean military build-up.

Israel is also the west's only line of defense against the westward advance of the Iranian Caliphate. In practical terms, an Iranian-occupied Israel would leave 370 million Muslims vs. 11 million Greeks – the gateway to the caliphate taking over all of Europe.

Following the disappearance of Israel, G-d forbid, the second domino to fall would be Jordan. Without Israel as its strategic protector, Jordan would be easily encroached by the militarily powerful Hezbollah terrorist organization, a proxy of Iran, along with Syrians, Egyptians, and Shiastan/Iran. Syria views Jordan as "Southern Syria" and will fulfill its vision of "Manifest Destiny."

In addition, Saudi Arabia will collapse, without the Suez Canal under friendly occupational control and without the ability of western powers to resupply or defend the Saudi Kingdom.

The strategic value
The strategic valueMark Langfan

Without Israel’s order of battle protecting Cyprus’ southeastern flank and battle space, with Turkish frigates and submarines infesting the Southern Cyprus waters and cutting off any military reinforcements and with Haifa as Iran’s New Eastern Mediterranean Naval Base, Cyprus, Crete, Rhodes and even Greece will be lost to Turkey and the Iranian Shiite Caliphate. Iranian now-existing Shahib medium range missiles (1000 miles) will range and cover southern Europe from their new bases in Jaffa - Greater Iran. Greece will become indefensible. Iran and/or Turkey will be on Europe's doorstep.

Without Israel, and with NATO and EU indefensible – the attention of the Islamic takeover would then focus on the rest of the western world including the United States and even Russia.

On Nov. 24, 2023, soon after the temporary Israel-Hamas ceasefire took effect, Khaled Mashal, former Chair of the Hamas Political Bureau said, "Some Western diplomats talk about a post-Hamas Gaza, and I say to them: Let your imagination and dreams run wild, in a couple of years, you will have to deal with the post Israel region."

One lesson we've learned from October 7, is that while Hamas is truly evil, they are true to their mission, per their charter, of wiping out the Jewish State of Israel. As Israeli soldiers bravely fight against Hamas in Gaza, the United States must stop pressuring Israel to pull back, and instead give Israel all the support she needs, not only for Israel's sake, but for the entire free world, as Israel is in fact the cornerstone of world peace and security.

The strategic value
The strategic valueMark Langfan