The Jewish community in Djerba, Tunisia
The Jewish community in Djerba, TunisiaHezki Baruch

The Jewish community in Tunisia, which currently has less than 2,000 members, is worried after the Kosher for Passover food that was sent from Israel did not enter the country due to Hebrew writing.

Kan News reported that in recent days, community members have found it severely difficult to receive the Kosher food products that were sent to them from Israel, in contrast with past years when there were no problems at all.

One of the community members who did not receive the food packages from Israel because they bore Hebrew writing said: "Every year we receive packages of Kosher for Passover food from Israel via the speedy international mail, and every year we had no problems. This year the parcels came through the airport in the capital city of Tunis, they passed customs and had no problem, but when they got to the airport in Djerba, customs held on to them and didn't want to let them go. We say to them: 'What is the problem? Open and see, if they have a problem take them.' And they tell us that they were told not to give them to us because of the Hebrew writing, and no they aren't letting the stuff go. They say they have to inspect them, but not now. They don't want to give them to us.

"There are a lot of packages for Jews here, Kosher for Passover products, but they don't let them have them," he added.