Mark Meckler
Mark MecklerPhoto: Convention of States

Throughout my lifetime, “World War III” jeremiads have regularly been overdrawn. How often have we heard hyperbolic politicians warn that international havoc is imminent, that World War III is forthcoming if we fail to enact their specific prescribed foreign policy cures? Such fear-mongering language has lost virtually all weight — until now.

The seriousness — and potential worldwide ramifications — of Iran’s attack last week on Israel cannot be overstated. While the Islamic Republic of Iran has long waged war on the Jewish nation-state using its proxies, a star lineup of who’s who in terrorism, including Hezbollah, Hamas, the Houthis, and the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria, a direct attack from the Shia epicenter itself is an unprecedented move. Never before in history has Iran directly attacked Israel; we have officially entered uncharted territory.

But then again, we have been in uncharted territory since October 7, a date which will rightfully live in infamy. Since then, we have had zero clue what comes next in this nightmarish spectacle. But whatever it is, it won’t be pretty.

But in all this uncertainty, one thing should have been clear from day one: Israel must protect its borders. It must protect its borders and its people from all aggressors — whether in Gaza or Tehran.

President Biden, while promising an “ironclad commitment to the security of Israel,” has waffled on this very fact. No, actually, it’s much worse than that; he has made it easier for Iran to wage its unholy war while making it harder for Israel to respond.

This is beyond Biden pandering to his anti-Israel base at home. Biden bears personal responsibility for this attack, not just because he’s been weak, but because he relieved sanctions on the Islamic regime, enabling them to spend billions on drones and rockets and to spread terror around the globe. Concurrently, his administration refused to block a U.N. measure pressuring Israel to broker a ceasefire with Hamas, seriously damaging our relationship with Israel.

As the U.N. called for a ceasefire in Gaza last month, I expressed, “Joe Biden and the radical Democrats’ Middle East foreign policy standpoint has never been clearer: embolden Iran — a nation openly committed to the destruction of the U.S. — abandon, or even worse, pressure Israel in her time of need, and award terrorists who cower behind human shields.” Three weeks later, we find ourselves exactly where I feared. Iran has indeed grown bolder. Meanwhile, Israel struggles with a diminishing capacity to defend itself.

And Joe Biden is uniquely at fault.

Iranians crossed a major red line when they launched intercontinental ballistic missiles from Iranian soil into Israel. It’s imperative to not only neutralize Iran’s military capabilities to repeat such incendiary actions but also abolish their proxy terror network. If President Biden is indeed “ironclad” in his support for Israel, he would endorse these crucial efforts.

1. Let Israel win

Israel must win this war. Period. Full-stop. End of conversation.

That Biden believes Israel should defeat Hamas while also calling for a ceasefire would be comical if it weren’t so troubling.

2. Prioritize defeating Iran over pandering to the anti-Israel minority

“Death to America,” a popular Iranian slogan, has made its way to our own soil. Biden must decide: which poses a greater threat to the country? — A radical terrorist regime? Or a negligible subsect of radical, far-left voters? If standing strong against Iran means losing support for Biden, that’s a price he must be willing to pay. Defeating Iran is simply that important.

Of course, accomplishing these two goals is easier said than done — especially for a spineless coward like Biden. Nevertheless, we stand on the brink of what very well may be World War III, and for the sake of the future of this country, we must put pressure on the president to support Israel, no matter the cost.

This is his time for choosing. Will he stand by our ally, or will he stand by terrorists? In this present conflict, there can be no other option.

Mark Meckler is the Co-Founder and President of Convention of States.