Ritchie Torres
Ritchie TorresArutz Sheva

Palestinian Arab real estate Mogul Mohamed Hadid has been sending racist and homophobic messages to Congressman Ritchie Torres for months over Torres' strong support for Israel, the New York Post reported.

In one message sent on Instagram, Hadid told Torres: “You worse than the rats of New York sewage system. They have bigger brains than you. You might get a job as bouncer at gay bar."

In another message, Hadid wrote: “You are just unusual Black and colorful mouth for Israeli and AIPAC and looking for payday of over 500K.”

Hadid called Torres a "slave to whites" and told him: "Make sure you dress as KKK to hide that ugly gray colored face of yours."

Following the Post's exposure of his bigoted attacks on Rep. Torres, Hadid said that he needed to apologize for what he said, but continued to insist that the Democratic Congressman is “a shill being used by Israel.”

"I need to apologize,” he wrote on Instagram Saturday. “Not for the anger I feel but for the words I used to express that anger. I intended to express how Mr. Torres is a shill being used by Israel. A state that not only mistreats Black and Brown people but pinkwashes their atrocities using their projected gay rights as a shield for their human rights violations. My feeling after 76 years of being a refugee from the country where I and my ancestors were born and watching a genocide unfold are at an all time high. I am watching Unites State politicians work as AIPAC messengers of genocide.”

Rep. Torres has been outspoken in his support and defense of Israel since the Hamas massacre of October 7.

Earlier this month, during a visit to the Jewish State, Torres told Arutz Sheva - Israel National News: "I have concerns that the far-left could be to the Democratic Party in American politics what Jeremy Corbyn became to the Labour Party in British politics."

"The burden falls on pro-Israel Democrats like myself to actively resist the Jeremy Corbynization of progressive politics. And I'm hopeful that we will win," he said.

Addressing the wave of antisemitic incidents in the US in the wake of October 7th, Torres said, "There's nothing new about antisemitism, which is an ancient hatred. What is new, what is unprecedented, is the algorithmic amplification of antisemitism on platforms like TikTok."