Ambassador Michael Herzog
Ambassador Michael HerzogIsraeli Embassy in Washington

Israel’s Ambassador to the US, Michael Herzog, on Saturday night welcomed the approval by the US House of Representatives of a bill to provide billions of dollars in military aid for Israel.

“I would like to thank the House of Representatives for the overwhelming bipartisan support to Israel's security aid package. Looking forward to it passing soon in the Senate,” Herzog wrote in a post on social media.

“Special thanks to Speaker Mike Johnson and Rep. Hakeem Jeffries for their leadership. We live in a dangerous world and the US-Israel alliance is all the more critical at this time,” he added.

The bill which was approved on Saturday could be taken up by the US Senate as early as Tuesday, and would mainly provide funds for Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system. The New York Post estimated that the bill is expected to receive its final approval "later this weekend, when the package is sent to the Senate."

The bill was passed as part of a package including $14 billion in military assistance to Israel, which passed 366-58, as well as $4 billion in weapons funding for Taiwan and the US' other Indo-Pacific allies, which passed 385-34. In addition, the package contains $48 billion in Ukraine security aid, which passed 311-112.

President Joe Biden has in recent months sought to approve a large package of aid to Israel, but Democrats and Republicans have clashed over the legislation.

In February, the House of Representatives failed to approve a Republican-led bill that would have provided $17.6 billion to Israel.

Democrats have rejected the measure, saying they want a vote instead on a broader measure that would also provide assistance to Ukraine, international humanitarian funding and new money for border security.

Opponents called the Israel legislation that was rejected a political ploy by Republicans to distract from their opposition to a $118 billion Senate bill which combines an overhaul of US immigration policy and new funding for border security with billions of dollars in emergency aid for Ukraine, Israel and partners in the Indo-Pacific region.