One of the suspects
One of the suspectsCourtesy

Arab terrorists set fire on Saturday morning and afternoon to the grazing areas of Rimonim farm in the Binyamin Region, using Molotov cocktails that were hurled from a passing vehicle.

In the morning, workers from the nearby farm spotted a Subaru car driving on the road, slowing down, and hurling burning Molotov cocktails towards the grazing areas, which began to smoke. At the time, a flock of the farm's sheep was grazing a short distance from there.

The shepherds were forced to evacuate their herd away from the blaze that began to spread, and other volunteers from the farm together with security forces who rushed to the scene fought the flames and managed to gain control of the fire. Later, IDF soldiers arrested two suspects in the arson - residents of the nearby village of Tayibe.

The farmers report that these were the first arsons that occurred this year, however, last year Arabs set fire to the grazing areas more than 20 times. At the beginning of the conflict, Arabs from the village of Deir Jarir attacked two shepherds from the farm, and severely injured one of them after being struck on the head with an axe.

However, this did not prevent left-wing activist Guy Hirschfeld from the organization, "Looking at the Occupation in the Eyes," from blaming the farmers themselves for the arson Saturday evening, and referring to them by the antisemitic nickname "zealots."

In a Facebook post, Hirschfeld tagged a series of foreign embassies and wrote: "I wouldn't be surprised to hear that some zealots from the terror nest of Neriah Ben Pazi are involved in this matter. It might be their reaction to the sanctions imposed on them by the USA and the Europeans."