A massive explosion was heard south of Baghdad, Iraq, on Friday night.

According to reports, the explosion was a result of an air strike targeting a base belonging to the Popular Mobilization Forces, a pro-Iranian militia.

Local media reported heavy damage as a result of the explosion, but no casualties. It is believed that large caches of weapons were attacked.

There were conflicting reports as to who was responsible for the strike, with some reports blaming Israel and others claiming it was a US attack.

The pro-Iranian militias in Iraq have frequently targeted US bases in the region. In February, the US launched a military strike that killed a commander of the Kataib Hezbollah militia in Iraq.

That strike was in retaliation for a drone attack in Jordan in which three US service members were killed.

Friday’s strike comes a day after a strike in the Iranian city of Isfahan which was blamed on Israel.

Israel has not officially acknowledged that it was behind the strikes, but unnamed Israeli sources told global news agencies that the attack was Israeli.

An Israeli official told The Washington Post earlier on Friday that the strike on Iran "was intended to signal to Iran that Israel had the ability to strike inside the country."

Later, a senior US official told ABC News that three missiles were fired from Israeli fighter aircraft outside of Iran in the limited strike.

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