Detained terrorists. Archive
Detained terrorists. ArchiveChaim Goldberg/Flash90

The Military Police Investigations Unit has begun in recent days to interrogate soldiers from an elite unit in the IDF on suspicion that they were involved in an incident in which two Gaza detainees who were suspected terrorists died en route to be interrogated in a detention center in Israel, Kan News reported.

According to the report, the Gazan detainees were loaded onto a truck in the southern Gaza Strip which was supposed to bring them to the detention center in Israel. At a certain point towards the end of the trip, the soldiers noticed two detainees, who were tied at the front of the truck at the beginning of the trip with the rest of the detainees, lifeless with blood stains on them.

The circumstances of their deaths are currently being investigated. It is possible that they were injured during the ride, as the soldiers claim, as a result of the bad conditions on the road.

In accordance with military protocol, the elite unit immediately reported to the Military Police after it was learned that the two detainees died during the ride. The detainees' bodies were taken for examination at the Institute of Legal Medicine.

The IDF Spokesman stated that "following the incident a Military Police investigation was opened, upon its completion the findings will be given to the Military Prosecutor."