The military headstone on Alon Shamriz's grave
The military headstone on Alon Shamriz's graveNo Credit

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense, in coordination with the family, erected a military headstone without a military ID number or rank on the grave of Alon Shamriz.

For the past several months, the Shamriz family has been fighting for their son to be recognized as a fallen IDF soldier and has recently petitioned the Supreme Court on the matter.

Shamriz was killed in Gaza by IDF fire after he, Yotam Haim, and Samer Talalka managed to escape from Hamas captivity. After Alon was killed, his family asked the IDF to recognize him as a fallen soldier but the request was denied and therefore the family petitioned the supreme court.

The family stated that "despite the headstone that was erected on the grave, the state's insistence not to recognize Alon as a fallen IDF soldier prevents the family from being fully associated with the family of bereaved parents who are recognized as fallen soldiers and because of that there won't be an IDF representative by Alon's grave."

They added that the family would not be allowed to partake in military ceremonies. The family is currently waiting for the Supreme Court's ruling on the petition.

Alon's father, Avi Shamriz, stated: "We thank the military for the decision to erect a headstone that looks like a military headstone on our Alon's grave. But with great pain, the military still has not agreed to commit that the committee that will be created by the Chief of Staff will discuss Alon's status, as well as the status of other fallen. Without recognizing Alon, erecting the headstone is not enough."

Atty. Ron Cohen Rochberger, who represents the family, stated: "I commend that the military agreed to the family's request and following the Supreme Court's clear recommendations will erect in the end a military headstone on Alon's grave. But the full attention to a bereaved family will be received only after Alon is recognized as one who was a soldier and was killed as an IDF fallen soldier."