Jews return to Biblical pathways
Jews return to Biblical pathwaysUri Arnon

The one thing that the heathen world has not realized, is that we Jews of Israel are the original people, here in our blessed land, in the Middle East.

We are the original people in God’s given faith, in God’s given land.

We are not an offspring of any other faith, though others are an offspring of our original faith.

We have been persecuted for thousands of years by people of other faiths, and by people of no faith at all, who have cursed us for being God’s original people.

We have been persecuted for possessing God’s chosen land, and for living among the non-Jews.

He ordered us to keep his laws, and to defend and cultivate the land He promised us. And we have been cursed for doing so.

Those that hate us will continue to hate us. Those that mean us harm will continue to cause us harm.

But there are signs that others, including those that cursed and persecuted us, are slowly acknowledging and respecting us, often because they also are being persecuted by the same enemy.

They see the New Jew that no longer bows, no longer offer our necks, to our enemies, but is prepared to fight to defend our land and our loved ones.

And those who are not of our faith, or our nation, are slowly understanding that they are blessed for blessing us. While those who curse us will continue to be cursed.

And those that bless us, and stand with us, will discover that they will lift the curse that has been put upon them, by the same enemy, by uniting with us.

And they will do this, not to convert us, but to respect and support us for who we are. For what we are.

God’s Chosen People.