Amb. Gilad Erdan
Amb. Gilad ErdanCourtesy

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan accused the UN Security Council of rewarding terrorism by considering recognizing 'Palestinian' as a full UN member state.

"If the Security Council recommends full membership for the Palestinian Authority that incites and funds terror with no control over its territory – it deserves to be called the UN's 'Terror Council' not 'Security Council'," Erdan said.

He asked, "How many times has this Council met to discuss ways to advance the release of our hostages held in Gaza? How many times? Not even once."

He continued, "How many condemnations has this Council issued against Hamas or for their heinous October 7th massacre? Zero. Zero."

Erdan noted that "rather than condemning Hamas’ atrocities, or taking action, real action, to bring our hostages home, this Council will be voting upon a resolution to recommend granting the Palestinian Authority full membership status – a Palestinian State."

"A very important principle stated in Article 4 of the UN Charter is, 'Membership in the United Nations is open to all peace-loving states.' Peace-loving. What a joke," he said. "Does anyone doubt that the Palestinians fail to meet these criteria? Did anyone hear any Palestinian leader even condemn the massacre of our children?"

He asked, "Who is the Council voting to 'recognize' and give full membership status to? Hamas in Gaza? The Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Nablus? Who?"

What this Council has decided to focus on – at the expense of all other calamities around the globe – is to grant a prize to terrorists. Granting the perpetrators and supporters of October 7th full membership status in the UN is the vilest reward for the vilest crimes," he accused.

Erdan warned, "The only thing that a forced, unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State will do is to make any future negotiations almost impossible. As long as the Palestinians feel that they can exploit this politicized body to their benefit, why would they bother at the negotiating table or support any compromise?"

According to Erdan, a vote to admit Palestine would mark the beginning of the end of the UN as an institution. "The day will come when this organization will be shuttered. The UN as we know it will cease to exist and in its place will stand a body that truly cares about human rights. That truly fights to promote peace. That is capable of putting politics aside, for the sake of justice, morality, and humanity. And when that day comes – and it will – this meeting and the vote to force the establishment of a Palesti-Nazi state will be remembered as catalysts of the UN’s collapse."

The Security Council is set to vote on admitting Palestine as a full member state tomorrow (Friday). The proposal needs nine votes to pass, assuming that the US does not veto it. British Foreign Minister David Cameron has said that the UK would vote against the motion.