Ali Khamenei
Ali KhameneiReuters

Iran is threatening to advance its nuclear weapons program and to attack American targets in the Middle East if Israel strikes its nuclear facilities.

Iranian sources told the Al-Araby Al-Jadeed newspaper that during the last few days, Iran sent messages through intermediaries to the American government, threatening that it will re-examine its nuclear program if Israel attacks its nuclear facilities.

According to the report, Iran is not interested in any further escalation after its unprecedented direct attack on Israel on Saturday night but warned that if Israel carries out its threat to retaliate, the Iranian response could cause the situation to spiral out of control.

In addition, the Iranians warned the US and European countries not to tighten the sanctions against them, because this would lead to taking steps in the nuclear field such as raising their level of uranium enrichment.

Iran further emphasized that it considers the US Israel's partner and that the US would bear responsibility for any Israeli offensive action. Therefore, if Israel retaliates, US interests in the Middle East would be in danger.