Kibbutz Nir Oz after Simchat Torah massacre
Kibbutz Nir Oz after Simchat Torah massacreHaim Goldberg/Flash 90

Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, the Hebrew University professor who was temporarily suspended for denying the rapes committed by Hamas terrorists on October 7 and accusing the State of Israel of genocide, has been arrested for incitement.

About two weeks ago, the police recommended opening a criminal investigation against the lecturer. The head of investigations and intelligence in the police, Superintendent Yigal Ben Shalo, recommended to the prosecutor's office the opening of the investigation on suspicion of incitement.

In a podcast interview, Shalhoub-Kevorkian shared that Israelis are scared when they walk by her when she talks on the phone in Arabic. "They should be scared and they should be afraid because criminals are always afraid."

She added that "they can't take ownership over my land, they can't move my people, they can't kill and not be afraid. So they should be afraid.

And that's why they're afraid because they can't look us in the face. Their strength is the strength that the international community gives them. Yes, they have strength, and the strength doesn't come from them, they don't have power."

Later in the interview, she remarked: "Now is the time to abolish Zionism, that is the direction I'm going in today. I can't go on anymore, it can't, it's criminal."

Hebrew University announced last month that Shalhoub-Kevorkian would be suspended due to her remarks, but she was reinstated about a week later.