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During a school lesson about Passover, Tamar raises her hand.

“What if you can’t afford matzah?”

Her voice is small, almost swallowed by the classroom noise. The teacher pauses, touched by the sincerity and worry in Tamar’s eyes. She assures her that sometimes, communities come together to help.

Tamar nods, a mix of hope and embarassment in her eyes as she looks down at her folded hands.

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Next week, there won't be a seder in Tamar’s house. There's no matzah, no wine, no bitter herbs to symbolize the bitterness of slavery. Instead, Tamar dreams of a simple meal — a few vegetables, maybe a potato if she’s lucky.           

This Passover, an organisation called Chasdei Avrohom Yaakov will be personally handing out charity to poor families in Israel in need for Passover. This year, as the war intensifies, the need for support is stronger than ever. Chasdei Avrohom Yaakov is committed to ensuring no family is left without the necessities during Pesach. We are on the ground, distributing funds directly to families struggling to make ends meet.

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It is our collective responsibility to ensure that amidst this war, no family goes without the essentials needed to observe Passover. Please donate here to make a heartwarming difference.