Border Police officers in Jerusalem
Border Police officers in JerusalemPolice spokesperson

Border Police officers and IDF soldiers, together with Israel Police's aerial department, operated Wednesday night in Beitunia, guided by precise intelligence from the Shin Bet.

During the operation, the forces arrested a terrorist affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group, who had planned to carry out a terror attack in the immediate future. The forces conducted both undercover and open operations, and closed in on the building the terrorist was in.

The terrorist then attempted to escape the scene, but was caught by a Border Police officer after trying to draw his weapon.

The suspect has been transferred to the Shin Bet for further questioning.

Earlier this week, security forces arrested a wanted suspect near Shechem (Nablus).

Upon arrival at the suspect's home, his wife began attempting to mislead the forces, claiming that he is not home. A tactical dog was brought to locate the suspect, and the forces arrested him.

During the operation, violent riots erupted at the scene, during which a terrorist hurled an explosive device at the forces, leading to his own elimination. Another rioter was shot in the leg after endangering the forces.

During the operation, the soldiers opened fire at a suspicious vehicle which was endangering the forces and driving quickly towards them, after the driver ignored the forces' orders. As a result, the driver suffered injuries. There were no injuries to our forces.