Left-wing protests at Kaplan
Left-wing protests at KaplanAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

Journalist Ran Edelist, one of the founders of the extreme Left "Peace Now" movement, was asked in an interview if he would accept the results of elections, if the Right won at the ballot box.

In an interview with Galei Israel radio, the host asked Edelist, "Let's say we hold elections today, the Right wins and forms a government. Will you accept the decision of the public, or will you go out again to burn the streets?"

Edelist responded, "No, we certainly won't accept [that]. We will certainly continue with the same protest, as we are doing now. There's no argument about that now."

Reader Meir Ohana responded to the interview, posting, "At least he is telling the truth!! They simply want to bring down the Jewish state and create a fundamentalist democracy alongside a Palestinian state."

Another reader responded, "The enlightened Left-wing camp never did and never will accept the results of the elections in which the Right won, or will win, [and form] the government."