Bottles of oil (illustrative)
Bottles of oil (illustrative)iStock

Israel's Health Ministry on Tuesday warned the public not to use "crushed olive oil" or "refined canola oil" produced by "Shemen Hama'ale."

The matter was first reported by Israel Hayom. The oils in question may have any expiry date; the labels claim that they were produced in Ma'ale Iron.

Following a complaint received regarding the oils' taste, the Health Ministry conducted laboratory tests on a number of the products, and found that the constitution of the products' fatty acids are not compatible with the types of oils the products are labeled as.

In addition, even though the labels claim that the oils were manufactured/packaged in Ma'ale Iron, there is no oil factory in Ma'ale Iron which is known to the Health Ministry.

The public is therefore asked not to use the aforementioned products, regardless of expiration date.

"The Health Ministry's Food Service will continue to examine and identify cases of food fraud, such as the fake oils," a statement read. "If a breach of the legislative or standard requirements in Israel is found, steps will be taken against the one dealing in the food, using all means available to the [Health] Ministry."