Anti-Israel protesters declared their "love" for the Hezbollah terrorist organization and carried the Hezbollah flag during a march in New York City yesterday (Monday).

During the demonstration, protestors chanted "Death to America" and burned the American flag. Chants of "from the river to the sea" were also heard.

Near Wall Street, the protestors were confronted by activist Laura Loomer, who was in New York for the hush-money trial of former President Donald Trump. Protestors told Loomer, who questioned the presence of the terrorist organization's flag, to kill herself.

Loomer wrote on X: "At the pro-HAMAS rally today in NYC, I was assaulted, harassed for being Jewish, screamed at by grown men, had my life threatened by a man in a HAMAS Bandana, and witnessed countless innocent New Yorkers get accosted by terrorist supporters."

"Then I got to watch many of these jihadis get arrested after they stormed a gate, hopped fences, and shut down the Brooklyn Bridge," she added.

Anti-Israel protestors staged numerous demonstrations throughout the US yesterday, blocking roads and highways.

In Chicago, protestors blocked an access road leading to O’Hare International Airport. The protest forced commuters to leave their cars and walk from the highway to the airport terminals.

About 40 protestors were arrested in Chicago.

In addition, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was blocked for several hours.