David Cameron
David CameronReuters

British Foreign Minister David Cameron was asked by LBC radio why Britain did not intercept Russian drone attacks as they did against Iran this week.

At the opening of his remarks, Cameron clarified that Britain will not intercept Russian drones en route to attack Ukraine.

"Britain will not escalate NATO's conflict with the Russian Federation, so it will not participate in shooting down drones that Russia launches over Ukraine," he explained, saying that the involvement of NATO forces in a direct conflict with Russian soldiers would lead to a "worrying escalation of the conflict."

"We personally did more than any other country to help the Ukrainians. We trained more than 60,000 soldiers and Ukrainians, we were the first to provide them with anti-tank weapons, long-range artillery, and tanks," Cameron added.

"The Iranian attack on Israel was significant, but while Israel has the right to respond, Britain urges it not to escalate the situation," Cameron said.