Iris Haim, mother of the hostage Yotam who was killed by IDF fire while trying to escape from Hamas, spoke with Arutz Sheva - Israel National News about a ceremony held today by President Herzog to honor the parents of the three hostages killd in that incident.

“It's a very emotional day for my family, exactly four months from the day that, as I call it, Yotam went free. I know that he and his friends were heroes, but getting this recognition from the President is emotional and exciting. We're happy and said together.”

She referred to a comment she made in the aftermath of the incident, exonerating the soldier who fired at the escaping hostages. “I know that this was not their fault. They were really afraid of Hamas. This was all because of Hamas.”

“I'm glad Hamas didn't kill him" she added, "He went out of this world as a free man.”

Since the incident, she has traveled to many Jewish communities and received enormous support. “I'm going everywhere in the world and meeting the Jewish people in the diaspora. They're always telling us to continue. It's so important for them that Israel be strong.”