Binyamin Achimair
Binyamin AchimairCourtesy of the family

Not even a day after the funeral of Binyamin Achimair, who was murdered on Friday by terrorists as he tended to sheep outside the village of Malachei Hashalom in Binyamin, two residents of nearby communities were arrested on suspicion of participating in violent protests after the murder.

Advocates Nati Rom and Daniel Shimishilshvili from the Honenu organization represent the detainees, one of whom is a minor. Later in the day, they will be brought before a judge.

Adv. Nati Rom stated: "While the boy's murderers are still running free and have not yet been caught, the Shin Bet, in a show arrest, chooses to arrest two settlers who live near the place of the murder and accuse them of attacking Arabs. The settlers completely deny the suspicions attributed to them.

"I suggest the Shin Bet concentrates on finding the murderers who constantly harm teens and civilians who love the nation and land, to fight a war with the brutal enemy who wishes to destroy us, and not to deal with show arrests of settlers and administrative arrests of them during a war."