Dr. Homayoun Sameh
Dr. Homayoun SamehCourtesy

Dr. Homayoun Sameh, the representative of the Jewish community to the Iranian Parliament, praised his country's unprecedented attack on Israel.

Kan Arab affairs correspondent Roi Kais reported that Sameh claimed that "our goal was not to hit with all of the missiles. First, we created confusion with the UAVs and then we hit the positions we wanted."

Sameh has been a vocal opponent of Israel from within the Iranian Jewish community. Earlier in the month, following the strike on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus, which Saturday's attack was meant to be retaliation for, the Jewish representative stated: "There is no doubt that this great crime and cruel action, carried out with the support of arrogant people, will encourage all freedom seekers in the world to fight more and more against oppression."

A statement to the media on his behalf added that the Jewish community expresses "disgust with this shameful crime, there is no doubt that we will soon win and avenge the injustice, and by the grace of the Almighty there will be a sustainable peace based on justice, and fairness will overcome oppression."

Last December, Sameh attacked Israel for the assassination of Sayyed Razi Mousavi, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps in Syria.

"The assassination of the martyr Razi Mousavi shows the Zionist regime's despair on the battlefield against the resistance," Sameh said in an interview with the regime's IRNA news agency.

According to him, "the Zionist regime must know that it can not disrupt the military might of the Islamic Republic of Iran by assassinating Iranian military commanders."