Rabbi Ouri Cherki
Rabbi Ouri CherkiNaama Stern

Rabbi Ouri Cherki believes that one should have recited the Hallel (Psalms of praise recited on holidays) with a blessing following the results of the Iranian attack, which resulted in minimal damage and injuries.

"This morning, a student asked me by E-mail if there is an obligation to recite the Hallel over what happened that night. And certainly, there is room, relying on the words of the Nitziv (Rabbi Naftali Tzvi Yehuda) of Volozhin in commentary on Rabbi Achai Gaon's Shailtot, who said that when a miracle occurs there the Torah commands us to recite praise."

Rabbi Cherki also discussed whether the Hallel should be recited by subsequent generations. "And after that, it is a matter of a rabbinic decision whether or not the recitation continues for future generations, but when the miracle happens, it is a mitzvah to recite the Hallel."

Rabbi Cherki says that he recited the Hallel without the blessing. "I told that student, and that's what I did myself, I said the full Hallel without a blessing, because I didn't want to complicate matters. But reciting Hallel on the day on which Israel had salvation, there is certainly room to do so."