Iranian attempt to destabilize situation over the border
Iranian attempt to destabilize situation over the borderReuters, Nati Shochat, Flash 90

On Sunday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Amman summoned the Iranian ambassador to Jordan for a reprimand, following Iran's "offensive statements" against Jordan.

Over the years, ties between the Hashemite Kingdom and the Revolutionary Guards have known ups and downs and it seems that since October 7th relations between the two countries have deteriorated.

Jordan, like Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and others, is trying to “butter their bread on both sides,” on the one hand to avoid conflict with Iran and on the other to strengthen their ties with the West.

In recent months, the Hashemite Kingdom has been dealing with huge protests against Israel and calls to cancel the peace agreement.

Iran's attempt to stir up the situation in Amman is not new and is a result of the Iranian desire to one day see a more pro-Iranian regime in Jordan.

The murderous massacre on October 7th helped Iran ride the wave and ignite protests against the Jordanian regime, similar to the Saudi claims about Iran's attempts to incite and use October 7 to destroy Riyadh's normalization procedures with Jerusalem.

The Iranian attack on Israel yesterday united many countries that have distanced themselves from Israel in recent months, including Jordan, which, as mentioned, helped with interceptions.

The aid comes at a time when the world is increasingly divided between countries that are closer to the Russian axis and countries that are closer to the US and the West, while Tehran wants to see as many countries as possible move away from the US and Israel.

Following the aid, Iran intensified its pitch against Jordan, alongside attempts to spread various reports that sparked protests around the country.

"Jordan will be the next target if it continues to cooperate with the Zionist entity," senior officials in Tehran threatened in local media.

As mentioned, the attack led to the ambassador being summoned, but Jordan, which borders Iran's proxy countries, such as Syria and Iraq, has been asking the US over the past few months to deploy air defense systems in its country.

A Pentagon official said at the end of 2023 that recently Washington has significantly increased its security support to Jordan and exercises are being held with the Hashemite Kingdom.