Synagogue prayers
Synagogue prayersMashaladigital

Iran's attack against Israel last night brought hundreds of members of the religious community in Argentina to ‘midnight prayers’ for Israel’s safety.

The prayer was led by the leader of the AMIA [Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina] community, Rabbi Eliyahu Hamra, at the Hafetz Chaim yeshiva.

In a statement on behalf of AMIA, the umbrella organization of the Jewish community in Argentina, it was announced: "We strongly condemn Iran's attack on Israel. Following the drone and missile attack launched by the Republic of Iran against Israeli territory, AMIA expresses its strong condemnation and calls upon all democratic countries in the world to support Israel in its legitimate right to protect its population."

In the announcement, they added that: "Iran is a real and concrete threat, not only to Israel but to the entire world. Unfortunately, Argentina does not need any explanations to understand the level of danger Iran represents, after being the victim, on two occasions, of attacks that were planned, organized, financed, and carried out by the Iranian regime.

"On many occasions, the authorities in Iran have publicly stated their intention to annihilate Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. It is a moral imperative to intensify international efforts to put a stop to this aggression."

It was also reported that: "Human rights, freedom, and dignity are under attack today, and more than ever, standing by Israel means protecting our future and the supreme value of life. May God protect the people of Israel now and forever more."