ShepherdHashomer Yosh

Together with the entire Jewish People, Hashomer Yosh in Judea and Samaria sends heartfelt condolences to the Achimair family on the murder of their son, Binyamin, may God avenge his blood.

As a nonprofit organization that has been supporting Jewish agriculture for over a decade, we have recently called on the security forces to significantly increase their presence in the agricultural and farm areas.

In order to ensure the shepherds’ safety, we are launching a campaign to purchase satellite phones to enable reception at any location. The cost of these devices is high and we call upon the public to support this important campaign.

Shepherds are heroic pioneers. They continue to walk in the footsteps of the nation's forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and King David, and risk themselves every day so that we will all stand together with our fellow farmers, reiterating that, 'you will never walk alone.’

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The flocks of sheep that go out every day, walk on huge areas throughout Judea and Samaria. Walking another dunam, and another dunam is not a slogan but a way of life, dedication to settling the Land of Israel.

Now they need us with them, and we are here to show our support. An emergency campaign is vital for the continuation of the agricultural enterprise in all areas of our country, in order to strengthen our hold on Judea and Samaria.

The despicable terrorists who committed this murder hoped to weaken and dispose of a first-rate national enterprise. But they will not succeed.

We are determined to continue strengthening agriculture and shepherding will only increase.

Together we will contribute. Together we will win.

A satellite phone costs NIS 5,000. And we need about 80 devices.

Donate now to strengthen the safety of our farmers and our hold on the Land of Israel.