The Palestinian Authority Foreign Ministery has condemned "crimes" committed by "settler armed terrorist militias" against Palestinians, which included shooting at civilians, burning houses and vehicles, and blocking roads.

In a statement published on Sunday, the ministry noted that "the organized terrorism of the colonialists (i.e. Jewish residents) has reached an unprecedented level under the protection of the occupation forces," this is to "deepen the crimes of the continuous gradual annexation of the West Bank, to blow up the situation, and destroy the efforts to solve the conflict by diplomatic means, in a way that would shoot down the possibility of establishing a Palestinian state."

The PA Foreign Ministry charged the "far-right coalition with the full and direct responsibility for the inciting calls which are part of the arrogant and racist mentality of the occupation which denies the existence of the Palestinian nation and its right for self-determination in its homeland."

The PA Foreign Ministry also demanded that the international community force Israel to halt all "colonialist" activities, to break up "the settlers' armed militias," to collect their weapons, to stop their funding, to punish those behind them and who support them, and to impose sanctions on the entire "settler enterprise" for being illegal.

The statement notes that the Foreign Ministry calls on the International Criminal Court to issue arrest warrants against "settlers" and their supporters who commit crimes against Palestinians and to bring them to justice.