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Head of the Benjamin Regional Council, Israel Gantz, told today (Sunday) to 103FM about the searches that led to the finding of the body of 14-year-old Benjamin Achimair who was murdered in an attack.

"It's a place that isn't close to an Arab village and is relatively safe. Benjamin went out at six in the morning to the pasture, it seems like he is going far and alone, but he was 200-300 meters away from the sheep pen where we found him," Gantz described.

He added, "I received a phone call about the flock being found without him, and that he wasn't answering his phone. On Friday afternoon, one of the drones identified a suspicious object, and within a few minutes identified it."

According to him, "It was obvious that he was murdered with great cruelty, very close to the place he left from. They waited for Binyamin, whoever came there didn't just happen by."

About the severe violence Israeli rioters took against Arabs, Ganz said: "It's forbidden to take the law into your own hands, but that's not the main story."