Russian drone strike in Ukraine
Russian drone strike in UkraineReuters/State Emergency Service of Ukraine via EYEPRESS

The USA has called for Ukraine not to attack Russian refineries despite Russia's widespread offensive against several energy facilities in Ukraine.

The Department of Defense has warned that such an attack could bring another spike in fuel prices worldwide.

Michaelo Podoliak, advisor to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, claimed that such facilities were legitimate military targets. In a recent interview, he also claimed that such an attack was not only legitimate but desirable on a worldwide level in order to weaken Russia's hold on the energy lobby.

“Ukraine must destroy Russia's refineries. They have no impact on worldwide pricing, and are only an expression of lobbyism.”

Last week, a Russian attack left 200,000 people without power. Four people were killed and 14 injured to varying degrees.

Zelenskyy stated after the attack that a thermosolar power station had been destroyed, and that Ukraine needed additional air defense and aid.