David Friedman
David FriedmanArutz Sheva

Former US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman presented his "takeaways" to the massive Iranian attack and the response of Israel and its allies to the attack.

Friedman noted on social media that the attack against Israel, with more than 200 drones, cruise and ballistic missiles was "more aggressive and pervasive than expected".

"Israel’s response so far has been magnificent", he emphasized, "intercepting 99% of the incoming".

Friedman added that lots of help was provided by USA, UK, France and Jordan. "We are grateful", he wrote.

"Iran literally attacked the Al Aqsa Mosque", Friedman stressed, "Had Israel not intercepted the missile, 3rd holiest site in Islam destroyed".

The former Ambassador stated: "This is the time for Israel, the West and the moderate Sunni nations to unite against this evil, terrorist nation".

Friedman then later added: "The fact that Israel and its Allies obliterated Iran’s onslaught of drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles doesn’t give Iran a free pass on its attempted murder on a mass scale. Iran needs to get a clear message that it cannot do this again".