Binyamin Ahimeir
Binyamin AhimeirCourtesy

New details have been cleared for publication about the murder of 14-year-old Binyamin Ahimeir in the Binyamin Region.

The first to reach the body were Brigadier General Hazi Nehama, who volunteered to search, and Eliyahu Libman, whose son is being held by Hamas.

The two were directed to the area of the body at approximately noon by an IDF drone.

Libman recounted finding the body: "This was a particularly cruel murder. An IDF drone saw something unusual and sent us a waypoint. We were close to the area, so we went to search there and unfortunately found the body."

"It was quite close to where he had set out from. The site was extremely disturbing. His head had been smashed with a rock, and three meters away was a knife covered in blood and another rock. His phone was smashed nearby. This was particularly cruel and horrifying."