Protests against the draft
Protests against the draftצילום: יונתן זינדל, פלאש 90

Makor Rishon found that 29 percent of haredim support the drafting of those who do not study seriously in Yeshiva.

When the survey group, 500 respondents representing a sample of the haredi society, were asked about their estimation of the number of haredim not studying. 25 percent claimed that there are at most one thousand such individuals.

23 percent estimated that there are between one thousand to 3,000 students who "dodge" serious study, 14 percent claimed there are up to 5,000 such individuals, and an equal percentage claimed there are between 5,000 to ten thousand haredim liable for military draft not studying. 12 percent claimed that the group evading studies is larger, up to 20,000, and only about 4 percent in each group noted that in their opinion 30, 40, or 50 thousand are not studying seriously.

In other words, half of the haredim believe that even if those who are not studying are drafted, their number will not exceed 3,000.

Other findings pointed to continued strong opposition to the draft among the haredim . Only 2.7 percent replied that they support military or national service for all haredim , 3.8 percent answered that they prefer national or civilian service only for all haredim . Only 2.3 percent supported service for all the haredim , except for a few thousand Yeshiva students who will continue to study in the Yeshivot.

Haredi respondents were asked about the reasons for their opposition to the draft. 40.3 percent of them stated that the main reason is that in their opinion, studying Torah is no less important than service, 34.8 percent mentioned the fear of not remaining haredim , and 15.9 percent justified it with fear of the service and its dangers.