Kim Jong Un in weapons training
Kim Jong Un in weapons trainingREUTERS

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said in a speech before his state's military academy that Pyongyang must be more ready for war than ever.

He based his warning on "the complicated international situation and the unsafe and unstable military and political situation around North Korea."

"If the enemy dares to attack North Korea, we will hit him without hesitation, making use of all available resources," Kim said.

In addition, he instructed his forces to be prepared with a "mental, ideological, moral, and tactical" advantage.

Last month, Kim participated in a military exercise and drove a new tank that his country built.

The North Korean news agency claimed that Kim "climbed on a new type of tank, grabbed the control wheel, and drove the tank himself."

It also said that Kim "expressed great satisfaction with the tank's strength, its striking power, and its advanced maneuvering capability."

The report crowned the tank "the strongest in the world," a title claimed by - among others - the Russian Armata and American Abrams.