IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari
IDF Spokesperson Daniel HagariFlash90

IDF Spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari held a press conference on Thursday to discuss Israel's preparations for a possible Iranian response to the elimination of Quds Force officials in Syria.

He noted that the IDF is on high alert. "We are alert and highly prepared for a variety of scenarios and are assessing the situation constantly. We are prepared and ready on offense and defense, as well as with our strategic partners," Hagari stated.

He emphasized that "a strike from Iranian territory would be clear proof of Iran's intentions to escalate the Middle East and to stop hiding behind its proxies.

"In recent months we improved our offensive capabilities and we will know how to act where needed. We have a multi-layered defense capability with thousands of interceptions, but the defense isn't hermetic," Hagari added.

According to him, "Everyone must continue following Homefront Command guidelines. As of now, there are no changes to the Homefront Command guidelines, but stay alert."