The ceremony
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Several dozen haredim marked the end of their Rifleman 03-level basic training on Thursday at a ceremony in Jerusalem attended by Central Command Commander Yehuda Fox.

This is the first time that the Central Command, together with the Personnel Directorate, is advancing a program to train haredi men to guard communities in Judea and Samaria.

After the October 7th attack, the Central Command worked to enlist thousands of soldiers for regional security, to guard the communities from the inside.

"We relied on veterans and those with security backgrounds who had basic weapons skills. In haredi cities it was more difficult to find such a profile, so we sent forces and found temporary solutions," a source in the command said.

At the same time, Major General Fox and the communities' leadership advanced a program to train civilians in haredi cities who meet the criteria that were set ahead of time.

"We worked together with the Personnel Directorate and we built a professional training program at the Kfir Training Base. The training was much more successful than we expected, the soldiers functioned in an inspirational manner. The soldiers will be part of the emergency security teams in the haredi cities and will take part in the mission to protect residents," the source added.