Kibbutz Nir Oz after October 7
Kibbutz Nir Oz after October 7Haim Goldberg/Flash 90

A freed hostage revealed that she was kidnapped by Gazan civilians on October 7 and subsequently sold to the Hamas terrorist organization.

Nili Margalit, 42, a nurse, told French magazine Le Point that the armed men who broke into her home in Kibbutz Nir Oz that morning and abducted her to Gaza were not affiliated with any particular terrorist organization.

The attackers ransacked her home as she hid in her safe room. When she was discovered, they put her on a golf cart and covered her with a white sheet while she was taken to Gaza.

"They exploded plates, turned the house upside down and started a fire,” Magalit said.

"They negotiated with Hamas to sell me," she said of her captors. “When they were paid, I was taken straight into a tunnel."

She said that she and eleven other hostages were kept together in a small room and given small portions of bread and rice to survive. The cramped quarters and suffering led to arguments breaking out between the hostages.

“There were shouting matches, crying, laughing, it’s normal when you put ten people in the same room, we’re human! But we always supported each other,” she said.

She recalled, “At first, I told myself it would only last two days. Then I understood that Israel would never pay for so many hostages. This depressed some of us. We had to hold on psychologically.”

Margalit was released as part of the hostage deal in late November, after more than 50 days in captivity.

The day after Margalit was released, she learned that Hamas terrorists had murdered her father on October 7.