Rock throwing, illustration
Rock throwing, illustrationIDF Spokesperson

Approximately ten Arabs from the village of Burqa assaulted a Jewish shepherd from Tzur Harel, a hilltop outpost between the villages of Kochav Yaakov and Givat Assaf in the Binyamin Region, who was herding sheep some 350 meters from the outpost's houses.

The shepherds saw the Arabs approaching with stones and clubs in their hands and called the security forces and his friends from the outpost.

Within a few minutes, during which the Arabs threw rocks and launched fireworks at the shepherd, IDF forces and residents arrived at the scene and managed to repel the attackers back to their village.

During the incident, IDF soldiers fired at two rioters, according to Arab reports, wounding them moderately. In addition, reports from the village claim that Jews torched a storage room and two vehicles during the incident.

The residents of the outpost noted that this is not the first attack by the village against them, and at the beginning of the week, the village council put out an official notice calling on the villagers to cancel Eid al-Fitr celebrations in solidarity with the residents of Gaza.