Muhammed Ibrahim Srour
Muhammed Ibrahim SrourNo Credit

Muhammed Ibrahim Srour, a Lebanese money changer who would funnel funds from Iran to Hamas, was assassinated in the town of Beit Meri, east of Beirut, Saudi news agency Al Hadath reported on Wednesday.

Sources told Alarabiya that Srour had been wanted by the Mossad since 2018 and that he was a teller at a Hezbollah-owned lone agency.

In addition, Lebanese media reported that the 57-year-old Srour was found dead on Tuesday after contact with him was lost last Thursday. Since then an investigation was opened into his fate by tracking his cellphone. The investigation found that he was in a villa and did not leave it. The report also stated that next to his body was a large sum of money which was not taken by the assassin.

The money changer's name was on a list of individuals sanctioned by the US for their involvement in the transfer of funds from Iran to Hamas' Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades.