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Maybe all you need to know is that Dearborn was the birthplace of Henry Ford. This was where he maintained his home and business.

He was the most flagrant antisemite in American history. Throughout the 1930s. Nazi Towns sprung up across the. United States. You didn’t know? It is a fact.

Dearborn was one of those towns that marched for Hitler and hoisted the swastika.

Today, quite logically, Dearborn, or, the Islamic Republic of Dearborn, has the largest Muslim population per capita in the United States and therein sits the largest mosque in North America.

They came in from Arab countries and were expected to become part of the melting pot, but apparently, Jihad does not melt.

The Wall Street Journal named Dearborn “Jihad Central,” and so it is no wonder that days ago, to celebrate Al Quds, they chanted, “Death to Israel.”

That too is logical – considering the source.

But they also chanted “Death to America.” Here in America. So much for gratitude…and so this is the reward for American generosity.

Bring them in, give them citizenship, opportunity, freedom, prosperity…and this is their thank you. Many revert to the bigotries and grudges, against Jews, from whence they came.

Rashida Tlaib is a Palestinian Arab who represents them in the House through Michigan’s 12th congressional district, which is Dearborn…but also Ramallah

Ramallah first. Dearborn is a stage where she presses for the larger Palestinian Arab Cause. She is in solidarity with their cause against Israel.

She carries a big stick.

Yes, Jessica Tarlov. It was Tarlov, there on Fox News, speaking as the Liberal member of The Five, who remarked that the Squad, namely Tlaib, had no influence because they were so few.

Tell that to Joe Biden, whose entire campaign for re-election rests upon satisfying Tlaib and winning her district, her people, her Muslims.

Last time, he teetered at 2;78 percent for Michigan. That’s how close it was, and you could say, as Michigan goes, so goes the nation. He’s out. Trump is in.

Or, you could say, as Dearborn goes, so goes Michigan.

Biden needs Michigan, desperately, and so he will do anything to satisfy Tlaib and her flock. For him, all that counts is winning, whatever the cost.

No surprise then, that this man with no honor, no decency, would turn against Israel, taking every opportunity to condemn the Jewish State., and thereby favoring Hamas.

This would be like FDR turning coat and opting for Germany or Japan. Unimaginable? So is this, if it weren’t so.

Biden, if he ever read a book, would know that he owes it to his presidential legacy to stand with Israel and the Jews.

The brotherhood between American presidents and the Jewish People dates back to John Adams, the second president of the United States.

As it says in his memoirs and biographies, “Adams expressed Zionist sympathies and his respect for ancient Jewry.”

History, certainly Jewish history, remembers him as a mensch.

How will history, certainly Jewish history, remember Joe Biden, other than a stab-in-the-back turncoat.

No mensch, this loser.

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