Douglas Murray with President Herzog and Minister Chikli
Douglas Murray with President Herzog and Minister ChikliMoshe Mizrachi

Israeli President Isaac Herzog and Diaspora Minister Amichai Chikli on Tuesday evening granted a special award to British author and journalist Douglas Murray, for his Israel advocacy efforts since the war broke out on October 7.

"People who love death so much have no chance of winning against those who love life," Murray said. "I feel extraordinarily proud to say that it is a huge honor for me to stand by the State of Israel, to stand by your side, and I hope I can say: to stand by our side."

Herzog said, "Since October 7th, forms of popular and organized antisemitism have skyrocketed around the world. This explosion of hatred has been astounding. It has exposed the lie that there is a practical difference between virulent anti-Zionism and virulent antisemitism."

"But we, the Jewish people - and our friends around the globe - have not stayed silent. We continue to fight in these troubling times to bring the truth to every corner of the globe.

"For six months now, Douglas Murray has been right on the front lines offering an eloquent, informed and compelling voice in defense of Israel, and in defense of the truths and values which we all share."

Since the war began on October 7, following Hamas' massacre of Israeli civilians, Murray has visited Israel several times, touring Gaza border communities and visiting other areas of the country. He has also written dozens of articles, op-eds, and social media posts, and taken photographs for broad articles in support of Israel, and supported Israel in countless interviews to global media.

Chikli added, "Douglas is a leader who fearlessly speaks the truth amidst a symphony of lies, a beacon of light in times of great darkness. Douglas, you immediately understood that the war we are engaged in is not about the future of Gaza, nor is it limited to the future of the State of Israel or the Middle East. Rather, it is an existential battle for the future of the West, the future of humanity. Your understanding was not born from intuition alone, but rather the fruit of years of careful study and deep investigation."

"We are blessed to have intellectuals like you standing by our side in this epic struggle, a struggle that above all requires faith.

"In the name of the people of Israel, Thank you, Douglas."

The event, which was attended by 150 researchers, leading advocates for Israel, and government officials, was emceed by Lital Shemesh, and singer Idan Raichel provided musical accompaniment. At the event, Herzog and Chikli thanked Murray for his great contribution to Israel advocacy, in the name of the entire State of Israel.