Israel-Jordan border fence, near Hamat Gader
Israel-Jordan border fence, near Hamat GaderMichael Giladi/Flash90

Over the past few weeks, Jordan has witnessed anti-Israeli protests. The protesters have been regular, their numbers a little below 3,000 protesters at best, chanting Islamic slogans and support for the Palestinian Arab terror group Hamas.

I have strong indications that the protests are staged by none other than Jordan’s regime itself.

The King of Jordan is fully allied with the Muslim Brotherhood. He inherited this defiled marriage from his late father, so it is nothing new. The Brotherhood is the Hashemite regime’s party just as much as the Baath party is Assad's. Abdullah has already acknowledged this in more than one interview with Western media. An example of this is his interview with the Atlantic Magazine, in which he said, “The Muslim Brotherhood is part of the system.” The king’s shameless support of the Muslim Brotherhood is thus not a secret even to the English reader. One does not need to look beyond the American Thinker to see the abundant evidence

In a police state like Abduallah’s kingdom, the demonstrations in front of the Israeli embassy in Amman could never take place without prior permission from the king’s intelligence. The anti-Israeli rhetoric and calls for “knocking down” the Israeli embassy are promoted by the king-controlled media. The protests are led on the ground by members of the Muslim Brotherhood who would never do this without coordinating with Abduallah’s security forces.

The police have even opened roads for the demonstrators to reach the Israeli embassy, knowing that they had previously closed off the entire area, why open those roads now?

Further, some of the king’s officials have sounded off complaints against the protests, claiming they were “compromising Jordan’s stability”, just to be shut off on April 3rd, 2023, by an official Jordanian statement; “The protesters' stance is identical to those of the Jordanian state”. Nonetheless, some of the American media outlets and American Middle East “experts” have picked up the rhetoric that Jordan’s king’s position “was being threatened by the Muslim Brotherhood”.

This is the oldest trick in the book. The king is simply crying wolf and intimidating the West by claiming “there is no alternative to him to rule Jordan as everyone else is crazy” and that he is “Israel’s only option to protect her borders.”

What Abduallah is failing to recognize here is that the world has changed in many ways in the post-October 7th terror attacks in which more than 1,400 Israeli civilians perished. Both the Israelis and Americans did not bite this time; they are not buying the king’s shenanigans and they now acknowledge the King’s public ties to Hamas. An example of this is Hamas’s leader Khaled Meshal’s statement in Turkey in 2016, “We coordinate with our brothers in the Jordanian government daily,” as Hamas officially remains “the Palestine Chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan.”

These performances directed by Jordan’s king and his ruling partner, Queen Rania, and his wife Rania are no longer getting ticket buyers from the Jordanian people; there are more than 11 million Jordanians whose hearts beat to the drums of the Palestinian Arabs, nonetheless those attending the demonstrations number barely two thousand people, a fact verified easily in the multiple videos of the said protests.

Most of those protesters are known Muslim Brotherhood members, agents of Jordan’s king’s intelligence desk, and officers from the Preventive Security Bureau-Jordan’s copy of the Stasi. In fact, the demonstrators know they are so protected by the king and his wife they have even threatened police officers (those wearing uniforms and not the intelligence agents) with retaliation against them at the hands of outspoken anti-Israel Queen Rania. This has been documented with videos. One female protester can be seen yelling at police officers: “By God, if only our mistress Rania knew, you would all be roughed up.”

The king’s behavior should not come as a surprise to anyone, he is used to getting away with the same scare tactics. They have worked for him thus far. In addition, he is acting mindlessly because he is in trouble; the last fig leaf has fell off the Hashemite regime when a Jordanian parliament member was caught red-handed smuggling weapons to terrorists in Israel. The said parliament member was too close to the king and his son Hussein.

Ther is clear evidence of the king’s involvement with Hamas before and after the October 7th terrorist attacks, with evidence about this matter shared between Washington DC, London, and Jerusalem. Hence, the king and his wife’s smoking mirror tactics seem to be no longer working.

Simply put; Abduallah has been causing chaos and unrest in his country, a very risky gamble which we, Jordanians, Palestinian Arabs, and Israelis are most likely to end up paying for. At the same time, Abdullah and his wife have been leading a hate campaign against Israel of the highest order, an example of this is his demonization of Israel right from the White House podium.

At the same time, nobody has a plan B for the day after except for the Jordanian Opposition, and it has been preparing for a decade, promising a republic whose identity will be Islamic and whose constitution will be secular. It claims its relationship with Israel will be a true partnership based on securing rights and fairness for all.

The hearts of Jordanians are mostly in the wrong place now when it comes to real peace, but this could be changed through the decisive will of a peace-seeking leadership. Israel's door is open to its formal peace treaty developing into a friendly, mutually beneficial relationship with its neighbor to the east.