SmotrichFlash 90

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich said that only pressure on Hamas will lead to the release of the hostages from Gaza.

At a gathering of the Religious Zionism Party's municipal representatives, attended by mayors, deputy mayors, and members of city councils, Smotrich said: "I am going from here to the cabinet for a complex and critical discussion at this crossroads that we are currently at in the war."

"Hamas, as you know, said no. The first deal came about because we were determined and united and acted with enormous military pressure. Now we repeatedly retreat from the red lines, send improved proposals, and say that [Hamas] will appreciate the compromise, but Sinwar recognizes weakness. Even though this is the opposite of reality because we returned Khan Yunis to the Stone Age," the minister emphasized.

He reiterated his position that "the only way to return the hostages is to return the military pressure on Hamas, with all force. To enter Rafah and stop the humanitarian aid's going through Hamas, but to do it ourselves. This is the only way to win."

"If we return a million Gazans to the north, Hamas will return to terrorism under the cover of the civilian population, and if we harm them, we will be expelled from the international community. Do you think that the residents of Sderot can return again with a 15-second alert to go to the bomb shelter?" wondered Smotrich.