Im Tirtzu activists protest outside UNRWA's office in Jerusalem
Im Tirtzu activists protest outside UNRWA's office in JerusalemCourtesy

On Tuesday morning, Im Tirtzu activists put on a performance titled, "Cage of the Kidnapped," together with MK Boaz Bismuth (Likud).

As part of the performance, activists dressed up as hostages entered a cage and acted out the conditions the hostages are being held under in Gaza, in order to remind the public that UNRWA had a direct hand in the abduction of Israelis from their homes 186 days ago.

The demonstration was held at the UNRWA offices near Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem. The activists called for the immediate expulsion of UNRWA offices from Israel, and for all the UNRWA services to be stopped in Jerusalem, along with a complete military victory over Hamas and the return of all hostages.

MK Bismuth, who is currently promoting a bill to endop UNRWA activities in the State of Israel, commented: "I arrived this morning with Im Tirtzu activists in front of the UNRWA offices in Jerusalem, to demand: There is no place for enemies in the heart of the capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem!"

"The law I submitted to stop all activities of UNRWA in Jerusalem will soon go to its first reading. This law should be a consensus - the opposition and the coalition hand-in-hand and not hand against hand - until it passes in second and third reading, until we expel the terrorists from our capital!"

Benyahu Ben Shabbat, coordinator of activities for the Im Tirtzu movement, added: "No citizen in the State of Israel has had neither day nor night for six months. We stopped breathing from the moment our friends and families were dragged to Gaza and tortured there every day. It does not seem possible, nor is it right, that across the street from Ammunition Hill and the recruiting office for the IDF, there are offices of an organization whose workers were involved in the massacre and kidnapping of our people! No more UNRWA in the heart of Jerusalem!"