New Hesder recruits
New Hesder recruitsHesder Yeshiva Center

We thank You, Lord our God and the God of our ancestors, for giving us a son,

We thank you for his first steps, for the joy of hearing him say 'Abba' and 'Ema'.

For the wonder of seeing him grow to be a child, a boy and a man.

That we have been privileged to accompany him on the path of commandments, to study Your holy Torah,

In the small moments of happiness, and in the challenging moments of adolescence.

Now we are meriting his enlistment in Your army, O Lord.

May he continue the chain of his fathers and mothers from the past generations,

Who gave their lives in Torah, in prayer, in aliyah and settlement of the land, in the underground and in the IDF.

Please, Lord our God and the God of our ancestors,

May his ears be blocked to the sounds of fatigue, despair and anger,

May his ears be open to the sounds of love, valor and unity.

Give him the strength to perform the commandments of war with all his heart and with all his soul,

May the heroism of war fill him with determination and gentleness,

Connection to his friends, family, people and himself.

May he always know that everything is from You and that You hear his prayers,

That he will pursue Your enemies, overtake them, and not turn back until they are utterly destroyed,

And return from there, in peace with his fellow fighters and they will all build loyal homes in Israel.

May the Lord guard their going and coming from now until eternity.